Content Creation

Content Is King


When looking at getting more traffic to your website the most commonly overlooked item we see is content. To get your website ranking high on keywords you will need great content. The key to content creation is creating relevant content that will be useful to your target audience. By keeping within those guidelines your website should have a decent amount of content to pull from. This is where you see most websites using blogs. Most clients want the customers to be on their service pages but to get them on the service pages you need to draw your audience in.


Finding out what appeals most to your customers, both old and new

Show What You Know

Making knowledgable and accurate posts is all part of staying on top your SEO ranking.


We keep a careful watch on what posts sink and what catches on with your customers and subscribers.

Seeing is Believing

Results are dramatic; your first month will convince you that there's no going back from managed website hosting.

There are lots of reasons to consider a managed website. No matter your need, Computer Pro is here to help.

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